Signs & Symptoms​​​​​​​

Signs & Symptoms Survey Consultation
It is a very good bet that if you have any of the symptoms listed to the left, then a consult is required. Your body is experiencing these issues because it is out of balance. To determine exactly what is needed to restore this balance takes a Special Test called the Signs & Symptoms Survey.

                            Signs & Symptoms SURVEY

This is a short 20-minute survey with questions specifically designed to pinpoint the stressors that may be causing your issues.

After the survey has been completed, we will sit down and discuss the results. Once a protocol has been established, products will be assessed to aid in the correction of the stressors which in turn will help restore the balance back to the body.

Please allow 1 to 1-1/2 hours for this all inclusive consultation!

Price is $100 INCLUDING protocol, product & another survey in 2 weeks to track progress.

Disclaimer: ”This survey is intended to be used as a screening procedure for nutritional health. The survey is not intended to be used to diagnose a specific medical condition, disease or illness, or to replace an evaluation by a health care professional."

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